I am placing a bounty on a disc.  Bring me my white Star SL, (there is no other like it, anywhere) and I will pay a 30 dollar finder’s fee, no questions asked.  Lost on Saturday at Seven Oaks.  She will not perform for you, she is beat up and scratched and could possibly infect the other discs in your bag.  We have been together a long time, and we have an agreement worked out, but she will not honor it with you.  Make the world a better place.  Return my disc.  The go buy you something new.

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About Mr. Mack

At 6'4", 225, I am an imposing physical presence. Thankfully, my time spent with the Dalai Lama taught me to not rely on my extreme physical prowess, the better to let my pure and enlightened soul be the thing that draws people near. And so it is. Please do not let my Mensa membership intimidate you to the point that you do not leave a comment, I accept all viewpoints here, regardless of how poorly thought-out. Lastly, please do not hold me accountable for my Adonis-like looks, especially my piercing eyes, (done up in blueprint blue) as these attributes are an accident of birth, quite possibly a virgin birth. So, welcome, dear visitor, your presence is celebrated!
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